Tournament Rules


Roster Size: 




Size 4 Ball

Maximum of 14 players on team's roster




Size 4 Ball

Maximum of 14 players on team's roster




Size 5 Ball

Maximum of 18 players on team's roster 


*Game balls will be provided for each field by the tournament host*


Guest Players:  

Each team will be allowed a maximum of 3 guest players for the tournament provided they have valid players passes for their correct age group and a completed Medical Release.


Home Team: 

Home teams will be the FIRST team listed on the tournament schedule for each game.

E.g Team A vs. Team B  (Team A is considered the home team)


Player Equipment and Uniforms:

All teams must have uniform shirts, shorts and socks. (Goalkeepers must wear a different color jersey from their team and the opposing team.) All players must wear shin guards in order to play.



Substitutions are unlimited and must be made with the consent of the referee as follows:

1. Before a throw-in when your team is in possession of the ball;

2. Before a goal kick for either team;

3. After a goal is scored by either team ;    

4. After an injury for either team;

5. Before a corner kick when your team is in possession of the ball .                                                                     


If a team is not present by their scheduled game time, they will forfeit the match by a scoreline of 3-0.  The team will then be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament.

Inclement Weather:


If inclement weather forces cancellation of games, division winners will be determined by points earned in an equal number of games played. 


E.g  If three teams played three games and two teams played two games before cancellation, the winner will be the team with the most points earned in the first two games played.


A game is official if it reaches half-time before it is cancelled.  All cancellations will  be determined by the referees and tournament director.




During group stages, if a game results in a tie, the game will end as a tie and will count as 1 point for each team.  


Once games are in the knock out stage, e.g. semi-finals and finals, and games end in a tie, there will be a maximum of two 5-minute overtimes (Golden Goal: first team to score wins).  If at the end of the overtime periods, the teams are still tied, they will participate in a penalty kick shootout in accordance to FIFA rules.



U10-U11 divisions are non-result oriented.  Each team will play four games and will receive awards for their participation in the tournament.

U12-U17 division standings will be based on total points from the results of preliminary matches and as follows:


Win = 3 points

Tie = 1 point

Loss = 0 points



6 teams will be divided into two flights of 3 teams.  Teams will play the other two teams in their flight once. After these two games, there will be one crossover match vs an opponent in the other bracket. The top team from each bracket after the first three matches will meet in a Championship Match.


Each team will play four games vs teams selected randomly. After tie-breakers are taken into account, the team with the most points will be the champion.

Tie-breaker Rules: 

A two-way tie in total points within a group will be settled by the following tie breakers, in order: 

  1.  1.  Winner of head-to-head competition
  1.  2. Most wins


  1. 3. Goal differential (maximum 4 goals/game) 

              4. Goals allowed

              5.  Most shutouts

              6. FIFA penalty kick


In the event of a three-way tie, the same rules will apply with the exception that head-to-competition will not be considered.

 No protests will be allowed.  All officiating decisions are final.

Warnings and Ejections:

Players:  A red card or two yellow cards during a game earns the player a game ejection, while two ejections during the tournament disqualifies the player from the remainder of the tournament.

Coaches:  A red card or two yellow cards earns the coach a game ejection from the present game as well as suspension for two more games.


All teams, coaches, administrators, and adults must act in a respectful manner throughout the event.  Any person who is offensive during the tournament will be immediately asked to leave the premises and banned from the event.   ZERO TOLERANCE!

Alcoholic beverages/Tobacco: 

Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking on any of the game fields are prohibited at the tournament.

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